Calisthenics Optimal Balance Resistance Aerobics




Calisthenics Optimal Balance Resistance Aerobics Core

COBRACore provides you with 3 different highly effective classes. These 45 minute group classes are high intensity, core engaging, full-body workouts, crafted to give you results fast.

Take your fitness to the next level with these fun workouts, delivered in various locations offering you a chance to get out in the open and also get a good sweat indoors too. All our sessions are fun, creative and very well thought through. Our highly motivated coaches will keep you entertained and coming back for more. You’ll certainly want to bring friends and family along. 

COREResistance is an intense yet rewarding workout, using only resistance bands and/or suspension bands. This full body workout will leave you wanting more, as you feel your muscles toning up with every movement. Adjust the tension and work at your own pace. Our coaches will make sure you leave feeling like you gave 100%.

HIITCore this workout works to harness your own body weight and keeps you moving for 45 minutes, in all directions. Expect a vigorous and fun class, which strengthens and tones.

COREFlow a fast paced mindful holistic workout. Great for those that love a combination of yoga and pilates type movements. This 45 minute class promises to get your heart rate up, strengthen your core muscles and stretch you out till you are feeling completely restored.


PRICES: Classes start from as little as £10 / per class. See our OPENING OFFERS HERE

TIME: Please arrive at least 5 minutes BEFORE class, so we can check you in. Unfortunately we cannot allow any latecomers.

SHOES: Please wear normal workout trainers (sneakers).

TOWELS: Yoga mats, sweat towels and are all provided.

CHANGING ROOMS: We mainly train in the great outdoors so please come in gear.

LOCATION: We operate on a pop-up basis around London. However we are most frequently in Clapham and Chelsea.


Any questions or feedback please let us know.

We aim to reply within 24 hours.