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Are you ready for a full body workout at home that will tone your entire body. All you need is a pull up bar and your own body weight!

This circuit takes you back to basic and will increase your strength and fitness really quickly!

I’ve devised a simple challenge for you to see if you are COBRAFit. The challenge consists of 5 exercises and you are never resting! It should take 20 minutes to complete and if done correctly, you will finish feeling shattered but great afterwards.

I’ve added variations for intermediates and advanced, (sorry beginners this one isn’t for you) and I expect both sexes to be able to cope with this one.

This workout consists of five exercises, in a circuit fashion, with the intention of enhancing your work capacity. Work capacity is important for athletes, especially combat athletes, but it can also be used to greatly improve your fitness levels in general. Also after doing this for a few weeks your body will be in super shape.
“Work capacity refers to the general ability of the body as a machine to produce work of different intensity and duration using the appropriate energy systems of the body” – Supertraining, Mel Siff 2003
This is a timed challenge so make sure you have your device at hand to keep track of time or an app on your phone. I’ve suggested one at the end of this post.

The idea is to perform 10 rounds. Each round lasts 2:00. The circuit will average 75 seconds (1:15) and you have 45 seconds ‘rest’ in which your not really resting, your doing planks!

You will start a new circuit every 2nd minute (ex. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 minutes).

For example:

Start the routine at time 0:00

Circuit lasts 75 seconds (ending at 1:15)

Rest 45 seconds (until 2:00)

Begin second circuit at 2:00
COBRAFit Challenge


1. 5 Inverted rows or Pull Ups

2. 10 Knee Push Ups or Push Ups

3. Half Burpee

4. 15 Jumping Jacks
(this should take 1:00)
5. Plank (30 seconds hold)
(rest 30 seconds)
Repeat 5 rounds


5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Burpees

20 Jumping Jacks

(this should take 1:15) 45 secs rest

THAT’S ONE! Repeat 10 rounds

This can be a really intense workout so pace yourself. Start with 5 rounds to condition yourself if need be and build up to 10.

Please train safely and don’t jump straight to advanced if you’re not ready!

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