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Hardcore Ross the Boss

Over the years I’ve been inspired by many trainers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. One of my my biggest influences however is Ross Enamait. His approach to fitness and his philosophy on training have greatly influenced me. Ross creates innovative high performance conditioning and strength development programs, with the idea of specificity in mind. We are… Read More ›

Billy Miske: A Fighter to the End

Very few know the story of this incredible fighter. He was known as Saint Paul Thunderbolt, and was a successful light-heavyweight and heavyweight fighter in the 1920s. Sadly, Miske’s career was cut short due to Bright’s Disease, a deadly kidney disorder. His family struggled financially following his retirement, and though doctors only gave him a few months to… Read More ›

Wisdom From the Corner

Few coaches have impacted their fighters as much as the great Cus D’Amato. He was the man who brought the young Mike Tyson into the ring and built him into that lean mean fighting machine he was in his prime. Cus acted as a father figure to his fighters, a lot of them lacked that… Read More ›