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COBRAFit 15 Day Burpee Challenge

Who loves burpees?? No honestly I haven’t met a single person who actually loves this monster of an exercise, besides my self of course! This gruelling exercise is one that will benefit you greatly though. Try my new challenge! So everyone recalls the COBRAFit Challenge. If you managed to get through this challenge I’m sure… Read More ›

Fight Thigh Fat

Stressed with thigh fat that just won’t budge? Try out my new workout to get your hips and thighs sculpted and toned. Summers drawing near and I’m sure some of you are starting to become more conscious of the way your legs are looking in your shorts and skirts. Maybe you’ve been working hard on… Read More ›

Luscious Legs

A few tips ladies to shape up your legs for when you’re lying on the beach or the grass this summer, soaking in the sun. Nicely trimmed thighs, not too much jiggle, yet not too firm. This seems to be the request of most of my female clients and many of the women I interact… Read More ›

CXL: Weeks 1-4

The COBRAPhilosophy Exercise Library is guaranteed to get you on the road to fitness. For those commencing the program this week, I will offer a detailed breakdown to the phases every four weeks. For weeks 1-4 we will; incorporate the foundational movements of each of the 7 basic movements. We will pre-condition our bodies and… Read More ›

CXL: COBRAPhilosophy Exercise Library

THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED 12-WEEK PROGRAM FOR FAT BURNING AND BUILDING MUSCLE I’m proud and happy to finally unveil the release of the COBRAPhilsophy Exercise Library or CXL as some have already dubbed it! I’ve had a few people try the program out as guinea pigs and have myself undergone the rigorous training regime and confess,… Read More ›

Say Goodnight to Cellulite

In your fight against cellulite, you may have given up and said to yourself “It’s just my bodys’ way of saying ‘I’m sexxxy’ in braille”… I implore you to stop deceiving yourself right this instance! Don’t give up on getting rid of these  ‘cheeky’ dimples. I know, it looks like cottage cheese has crept under your… Read More ›

COBRAPhilosophy Exercise Library: Out Soon

“Movement is medicine. You were designed to be mobile and to flow like water. Move more. Commit to be fit!” Next week the highly anticipated COBRAPhilosophy Exercise Library will be released on the Youtube channel. The exercise library will feature 50 exercises that can be applied to your training regime to help you towards your… Read More ›