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I CHALLENGE YOU TO TRY THIS FOR 21 DAYS!!! Are you ready for a full body workout at home that will tone your entire body. All you need is a pull up bar and your own body weight! This circuit takes you back to basic and will increase your strength and fitness really quickly! I’ve… Read More ›

Press to Impress

Lads, have you suddenly hit a wall on your press ups? Finding it difficult to get past a certain number of press ups? You’ve hit a plateau. In order for you to get passed this, you may need to build up your endurance. Give this technique a try. Looks easy but it’s not; Do 10… Read More ›

The COBRAFit Challenge

Need some motivation? I want to challenge all of my readers today! I’ve devised a simple challenge for you to see if you are COBRAFit. The challenge consists of 5 exercises and you are never resting! It should take 20 minutes to complete and if done correctly, you will finish feeling shattered but great afterwards…. Read More ›