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Sir Alex Ferguson: 10 Wise Words

“I’ve never played for a draw in my life.” – Sir Alex Ferguson Last week I witnessed the manager of my beloved team announce his retirement, after 27 years at it’s helm. Alex Ferguson has been manager of Manchester United since the year I was born, and I was born into a red jersey with… Read More ›


“THERES 2 TYPES OF PAIN IN THIS WORLD. THE PAIN THAT HURTS YOU AND THE PAIN THAT CHANGES YOU!” – @CTTheTrainer Being a personal trainer has made me appreciate energetic and motivational people. I’ve discovered that people who have a story behind them tend to have lots of passion and energy. This passion and energy… Read More ›

Hardcore Ross the Boss

Over the years I’ve been inspired by many trainers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. One of my my biggest influences however is Ross Enamait. His approach to fitness and his philosophy on training have greatly influenced me. Ross creates innovative high performance conditioning and strength development programs, with the idea of specificity in mind. We are… Read More ›

Billy Miske: A Fighter to the End

Very few know the story of this incredible fighter. He was known as Saint Paul Thunderbolt, and was a successful light-heavyweight and heavyweight fighter in the 1920s. Sadly, Miske’s career was cut short due to Bright’s Disease, a deadly kidney disorder. His family struggled financially following his retirement, and though doctors only gave him a few months to… Read More ›

Anthony Robles: Unbeatable, Unstoppable

Many have been encouraged and inspired by the story of Anthony Robles. The wrestler with one leg who excelled at wrestling, gained a scholarship to Arizona State and went on to win the NCAA Nationals. Anthony Robles was laughed at and told he couldn’t do it, but against the odds he rose to the occasion…. Read More ›