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Eat Clean, Train Dirty

It’s the start of another week. For some of us, our goals have already been set for the week ahead. Our targets are in place and we are just lining ourselves up to achieve them. Some of us however are just going to go through the same old motions. Slip back into old habits we… Read More ›

The Perfect Human Diet II

Last week I shared the popular documentary, sweeping North America ‘The Perfect Human Diet’. I’m not sure that the documentary was embracing the ‘fad’ paleo diets we see so much of today. But what I got from it was that our over consumption of soy, wheat, and refined sugar due to agriculture, was detrimental to… Read More ›

The Perfect Human Diet

The No. 1 killer in America is not guns, or murder… In this eye opening documentary, C.J. Hunt explores modern dietary science, previous historical findings, ancestral native diets and the emerging field of human dietary evolution. In an attempt to find a solution to the current obesity epidemic sweeping not only America now, but the globe…. Read More ›