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Banishing of the Bingo Wings

  Bingo! You raise your arms in adulation and in the midst of your excitement you notice a jiggling beneath your arm. My friend if this is you, you have caught that dreadful malady known as Bingo Wings. No amount of taping or hiding will help you. You need to address this head on! But… Read More ›

Trim Without the Gym

A lot of ladies really want to trim down a bit and would love to get to the gym, but due to their hectic work schedule, find it hard to. It’s true the gym is a great place to get in shape, yet I’ve worked in many and I’ve found that no matter what environment… Read More ›

Yo Mama So Fat…

The amount of punch ups I almost had in the playground when I was a kid, over someone mentioning my Mom, was atrocious. That quick quip from that one mouthy brat who knew how to push my buttons, was enough to set me off. ‘No one talks about my Mom!’ Eventually however you grow, mature,… Read More ›